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Common Questions


Do you offer consultations ?

Yes, if you are interested in our services, a chemistry visit (consult) is scheduled prior to your initial visit. This visit usually last 45 minutes and is completely FREE. The purpose of the consult is to first determine your needs for care and how we at NBC can better service you. It is also important to assess the chemistry between the client, her family, and the midwife.
This helps to connect with your midwife better. During this visit, we cover the structure of the practice, prenatal care scheduling including lab and ultrasounds. We will discuss your best options for care packages and create a plan of birth that is tailored to your individual needs.

How do you deal with Home Births?

Prior to a home birth, a home visit is scheduled to provide reassurance and comfort of the surrounding environment to both the client and midwife. Having a feel of the home helps the provider to first determine the distance for travel to the home. The midwife will also assess the community for ease of access to fire rescue, the closest level II/III emergency facility, highways, traffic, bridges, and tolls that may cause any delays to an emergency facility. Another important reason for the home visit is to help the midwife and team get a feel of the home and become comfortable with finding where everything needed for the birth is, reviewing an emergency plan, and reviewing the protocol for when to call the midwife.

What should my family expect when I go into labor?

As labor progresses into its final stage, our laboring team prepares for your delivery by providing close supervision of both you and baby’s progress, continuous fetal monitoring, and guided support with encouraging instructions through the pushing stage. You are free to delivery wherever and in any position that feels right for you. This includes birthing on the bed, the floor, on the toilet, or in water while sitting, lying, squatting, kneeling, or standing up.  As your baby is born, we encourage full participation and involvement of your partner and family.

As advocates of the Family-Centered Care, we will provide you sufficient space and time for family bonding immediately following your birth. Our team will provide continual safety assessments of both you and baby with a prewritten plan to execute and access emergency care if ever necessary. Although I am licensed, certified, and well trained to manage most nontransferable urgencies, I work in close partnership with my Back-up Obstetrician (OB) for non-emergency transfers if necessary. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, my team and I who are all CPR, neonatal resuscitation, and BLS certified, will implement our plan for a hospital transport. Also, I carry emergency equipment to every birth such as resuscitation and oxygen tanks, IV fluids, antibiotics, and medications to handle emergency circumstances.

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